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…a history that can never be fully told…a history of a faithful group of Christians who dreamed, toiled, planned, and suffered toward a goal ever above and beyond them…a history far more than a record of the works of man…far above the human efforts was, and is, the directing Hand of God.

In 1947, First Baptist Church was started as a mission of the Mingo Baptist Church of Tulsa. The congregation first assembled in an old Presbyterian Church building which was used for a community building at the time. A building program was started in 1948.

The First Baptist Church was organized on December 16, 1951. The charter membership roll included 26 names.

Mission Pastor, William E. Glasco, Jr., was called as the first pastor of the church. The “baptizing hole” was in Four-Mile Creek behind where Lesta Stokley now has her home.

The church building was dedicated on December 10, 1952.

The original structure consisted of five small classrooms and auditorium. The kitchen and bathrooms were added later.

There were two additions built to the original old church structure in the form of classrooms and offices.

In 1980 Pastor Jim Light introduced a motion to build a new church facility as the original small rock building was beyond repair. In 1980, the fund raising and the building committee began daily work groups. The building committee was led by Pastor Jim Light.

On June 6, 1981. The 450 seat auditorium was dedicated.

During the years, the Holy Spirit worked and with the leadership of hard-working men of God, our pastors were William E. Glasco, Jr., C.W. Havens, Rayburn Fowler, Jacob Jernigan, Norman Lemons, Calvin Sellers, A.C. Booth, George E, Maxwell, Richard L. Stuart, S.J. Fritz, Max Pendley, Claude Chambers, Hoyle Robnett, H.M. James, Jim Light, and Larry Downum, who passed away in February 2016.

We are searching for the man that God would send to lead us. And we are striving to continue in unity and love, reaching out to accomplish God’s work in the Oologah area.
On December16, 2016 our Church will be 65 years old – but let us not boast over past achievements, nor need we grieve over past defeats or failures. Let us anchor our faith in Christ the Solid Rock, and give God the Glory for the great things He has done in and through the ministry of the Oologah First Baptist Church!